About the Book

High-Yield Urology began as an In-Service study guide consisting of guideline summaries, frequently tested concepts, and brief descriptions of landmark Urology publications. 

I was inspired to formalize and publish this book based on the feedback I received from my Vanderbilt Urology co-residents when I distributed an early version of what would become High-Yield Urology. To ensure validity, I solicited editorial contributions from a wide range of academic sub-specialists. Their input has been extremely valuable.    

After years of iterative feedback from co-residents, colleagues, academic experts, and high-achievers, I believe High-Yield Urology to be the best study resource available. This book facilitates rapid review of the full breadth of Testable Urology. It is not a clinical manual and should not be used as such. It is by no means an exhaustive text of any specific topic. Non-testable information will not be found in this book.

I hope you enjoy High-Yield Urology 2024 and look forward to offering an improved and updated Fifth Edition in March, 2025.

- Benjamin Dropkin, MD