Please note, these errata apply to High-Yield Urology 2022. Please email with any additional errors you identify in the book. Many thanks to those who have brought these errata to our attention.  

 Page Erratum & Correction
7 "Pheos in RCC" should be corrected to "Pheos in VHL"
16 The mechanism of Axitinib is erroneously listed as "mAB" and should be corrected to "TKI" as it is a Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor 
26 Testing Pearl 6g - urine pH with ammonium challenge is erroneously listed as "> 6.8" and should be corrected to "< 6.8"
27 & 37 The middle rectal artery arises from the Anterior (not Posterior) Branch of the Internal Iliac  
31 The following agents are listed in the table but do not currently have a role in Advanced UC management: Ipilimumab, Bevacizumab, Lenvatinib, Axitinib 
53 "ANC > 15k" should be corrected to "ANC > 1.5k)
70 Complete distal RTA can cause hyperchloremic (not hypochloremic) metabolic acidosis
83 The diagnosis of IC/BPS is erroneously listed as requiring six "months" of symptoms and should be corrected to six "weeks" 
126 "both patterns" should be corrected to "both partners"