In-Service Exam

"If you liked First Aid for the USMLE you'll love High Yield Urology. It's concise and yet thorough enough to cover the vast majority of information that is tested on the In-Service." - Wilson, Philadelphia, PA 

"Love this book, guys. Great work. Urology needed this sort of concise review! Big fan." - Wade, Cleveland, OH

“Thank you for investing your time and putting together these high yield topics for residents like me. I have spent countless hours making flash cards of high yield subjects for the board and inservice exams. I could never summarize topics as well as they are described in your book. Many thanks again.” - Behzad, Jacksonville, FL

"I found this to be a great study guide to use alongside SASP questions in preparing for in-service exams. It is very reminiscent of the “USMLE First-Aid” books with its wide margins for annotations. I've also used it for preparation before didactic conferences. The brief outlines of various post-op complications are very helpful. I would highly recommend it to urology residents/interns, med students, and even program directors!" - Bola, Iworo, Nigeria

"This reliable, comprehensive, guideline-based book addresses an unmet need for the In-service and Board exams. There is no better resource on the market." - Ben, Boston, MA

"This book has saved me when I had to prepare for the In-Service and Boards. It's the fastest way to review the information you actually need to know for these tests." - Josh, Nashville, TN

"Love this book. It is condensed, practical, and easy to follow and read. Great resource to build upon as a busy resident!" - Michael, Tulsa, OK

"High-Yield Urology has been my go-to source for the In-Service exam, general learning, and guideline updates. This book does an incredible job of simplifying complicated pathologies and topics in an understandable and thorough way. I highly recommend this book to all urology residents." - Justin, Bronx, NY

"This book organizes information from guidelines and SASP in a pithy and palatable format. It also contains concise summaries of key trials that are all very applicable to clinical practice. These summaries set this book above and beyond those in its class." - Hannah, San Antonio, TX

"High-Yield Urology is the first study material I’ve encountered that concisely summarizes AUA/SUO/SUFU guidelines while also providing excellent high-yield testing pearls. The book is easily readable and much more manageable for maintenance learning compared to well-known references materials that have grown too large for “sit down” reading. I certainly plan to purchase the most up-to-date version prior to studying for boards." - Stephen, Kansas City, KS

"This book is excellent. I've used it as my primary resource for the In-Service and have felt very well prepared. Thanks for putting it together!" - William, Chapel Hill, NC

“I just wanted to say, I read your 2021 front to back and am a PGY2 this year and scored in the 91st percentile on the in-service. Thank you for your book!!!!” - Emily, Detroit, MI

"I used High-Yield Urology for the first time last year and scored in the 99th percentile on my In-Service Exam. Thanks for compiling such a great resource. It's the new gold-standard study resource for the In-Service." - Levi, San Antonio, TX

Written Board Exam

"Passed the written boards. Kudos to Dr. Dropkin on this fantastic resource. I highly recommend it to anyone studying for the In-Service or Board Exams. It contains everything you would choose to study in preparation." - Daniel, Rochester, MN

"I used the 2021 version to study for the inservice exam and felt very well prepared. I also used the 2022 version to study for part 1 of the boards and thought it was an essential component for board prep. I highly recommend this book to anyone studying for these exams." - Tamer, Houston, TX

“As someone who was never good at taking tests, I definitely was nervous taking the boards. Luckily HY Urology saved the day! What an incredible resource with guidelines, pearls, and truly HY material all in one place. I highly recommend to all ABU applicants.” - Jake, Dallas

"This books makes it possible to review a vast amount of highly relevant information in a short period of time. I found it really helpful for preparing for the Boards. Thanks for taking the time to put this together." - Elizabeth, Tampa, FL

"Just finished up your book in preparations for boards tomorrow. I thought it was really helpful and very well done. The brief summations/interpretations of the high-yield literature were very unique and something I haven’t seen done well in other resources. Thank you for writing this book!" - Jeff, Suffolk, VA

"I have really enjoyed High-Yield Urology. It is so organized, concise, and easy to read. Thank you." - Jullet, Los Angeles, CA

"Dr. Dropkin, I passed my boards! I seriously do not think I would have without High-Yield Urology. It was an absolute life saver. Thank you." - Matt, New York, NY

"Decided to go for it and use this for preparation and it paid off - found out Friday I passed Part 1 of the ABU, thanks High-Yield!!!" Chad, Baltimore, MD

"I scored below the median on my In-Service Exams throughout residency. High-Yield Urology was my primary resource for Boards prep. The quality of this thing is off the charts. On testing day, I felt very well prepared and ultimately scored in the top Quintile. I just wish I had this book during residency to prepare for Grand Rounds. Thank you!" - Greg, New York, NY

"This is fantastic resource that helped me pass my written board exam. There are limited urology inservice/boards resources that are both updated and concise. This book is one of the few. By combining AUA guidelines and question pearls in an organized format, it quickly became my core study tool. I was so impressed that I reached out to my residency program to provide it as a tool for all of our residents." - Marwan, Akron, OH

"Wildly impressive. This book fills a major void on the spectrum of urology test prep resources." - Chris, Atlanta, GA

"If you want a test prep resource relevant to urologic practice in 2021, BUY THIS BOOK. It is a bargain at the list price!" - Hadi, Los Angeles, CA

"Dr. Dropkin - thank you and everyone else who helped write this amazing book. It is helping me so much as I study for written boards!" - Hogan, Kansas City, KS


Oral Board Exam

"This book is really, really good. It was very helpful during my preparation for Oral Boards. Thank you." - Brett, Southlake, TX

Recertification Exam

"This book is so valuable that it is beyond worth the price you pay. I can only imagine the time and effort put into this valuable resource. I totally recommend this to anyone." - Ramon, Norfolk, VA

"With this book, all of the legwork of getting the information together is done for you. You can just focus on learning/reviewing the actual content." - Rob, Albany, NY

Urology Sub-Internship

"This book has been a great edition when it comes to Sub-I's. A lot of information here that helps you prepare for those "pimp" questions and gives you a running start on your presentations. 10/10 would recommend to any medical student who is considering Urology!" - Patrick, New York, NY


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